Wrapping Prague

2023, Videoperformance, 6 min
Unnecessary Skills, AVU POP-UP Gallery, Prague


Installation view

Hefekranz vegan

2023, cake baked by the artist, table cards, serving accessories, variable dimensions
Poles Royce, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Zürich

Installation views

How to live a Complicated Life

2022, mural, variable dimensions
Tbilisi Triennial, Center for Contemporary Art, Tbilisi

Installation views

All Orgasms are Clitoral

2022, performance, 10 min, 3D printed object, QR code
Diploma show ZHdK, Zürich

The myth of the vaginal and the clitoral orgasm is persistent. Even tough it had been proven wrong long ago. In her work Zaugg clears up with popular half knowledge and provides information abou the clitoris. Also, she designed a collection of clitoris items, that can also be purchased in an onlineshop.

Read the PDF by scanning the QR Code.

Installation View

Stills Video Documentation

I am a very complicated woman

Collaboration with Murielle Gräff
2022, Installation, various dimensions, plexiglas, horrmones, paper
Rausch, groupshow Zentralwäscherei Zürich

In this work, the artists deal with hormonal contraception and its effect on emotions and psyche. Both have used hormonal contraception for many years. One continues, the other abstained from it. The blisters of each of their pill brands are displayed in the showcase. In addition, there is a list of all hormonal contraceptives approved in Switzerland.

The statements on the wall are taken from the diary of one of the artists. When she stopped taking the pill, she noticed sometimes irritating changes in her behaviour, character and psyche. In order to register and control the developments, she began to keep records.

Installation views

Bridge over troubled bubbles

2022, performance, 20 min
Commissioned work for Kulturstiftung des Kantons Thurgau

Bubbles lately became a buzzword. But is it really that bad? Do we have a problem with social disruption? Can art and culture contribute as a cohesive element? And if so, should this be an aim? On the occasion of the 30 years jubilee, the cultural foundation of the canton Thurgau hosted a panel discussion on this topics. The Performance is a commissioned work for this event.

Base for the performance are interviews with protagonists, people from so called different bubbles. Based on the transcriptions the artist wrote a script for the performance. She brings the statements of the protagonists in the performance in form of questions from an imaginary audience.

Watch the documentation of the performance and the panel discussion here.
The online magazin Saiten published a review about the event.

Stills Video Documentation